Friday, February 07, 2003

Have decided that nothin' says "Love" like piles of presents for me. And also cheese. Possibly presents of cheese. (I am currently sick and avoiding dairy. It is torture.)

In other news, it is nearing my two year anniversary over at That Place. I don't know if I'll do anything for it. There have been quite a lot of anniversaries lately. Then again, I could always write that BOQ I've been planning forever and ever. And I think I might send out the G.A.P. newsletter on the day, because I can.

In other other news, but still board-related, I want to reply to Soupy's post about the Michael Jackson "special," but Will wouldn't let me watch it. Too traumatising, I suppose. We watched The Surreal Life instead, because watching MC Hammer berate Corey Feldman for taking too long on the crapper is far from traumatic. [rolleyes]

Oh! That reminds me (in a weird way) that I need to sit down and write my screenplay. Which one? Doesn't matter, but I think I'll work on Mona Lisa, because I already have the first and third acts worked out in my head, and the middle will either write itself or be put on hold. I'd work on Revenants, but I think I want to watch Dagon again first. I'm weird, I know - I in no way plan to base anything on Dagon, just feel like watching it. Horror is horror, right? (Hint: the correct answer is "No.")