Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Thank god it's (mostly) over.

My faith in humanity has been restored. After last week, I wasn't really sure I could trust anyone but Will. After this weekend, I know without a doubt that I have the best friends in the universe.

Last Monday we were approved for the apartment we wanted. I started packing immediately and on Tuesday we signed the lease and packed some more. Jenn took me out for lunch and helped out by bringing over boxes and packing with me. Wednesday we picked up the keys and moved over one carload of stuff, missing Angel in the process. I hear we didn't miss much. By Thursday I was in a bit of a state, as the old place was so tiny that I'd run out of room to pack and was only about a third of the way through our stuff. Friday Will took a half day and Jenn came over with her pickup truck. Geoff met us at the old place and Cassie came by shortly thereafter. While Cassie and I packed more, the three superheroes took stuff over to the new place. They got about 3 loads done before Jenn had to take off, leaving us with her truck (the angel). After one more load, we went out for middle eastern food and called it a night. Next day we started again, san Jenn but with the addition of Dave, a former intern from Will's company who is quite the little workhorse. I took care of the last of the packing while they did runs with the truck (and on occasion the cars as well), and by 7:00 I had the place spotless and we were ready to turn in the keys and go home. Home!

By far the most interesting part of the move was on Friday when we tried to get the couch into the new place. The short version is that it fell on me twice and is currently in our bedroom. The long version is that because of the way the entryway of our apartment is set up we cannot get the couch around the corner(s) into the living room. By the time it fell on me (the second time - the first time was my own fault because I thought I could carry it up the stairs and found out the hard way that I was wrong) we'd wedged it quite firmly (we thought) and discovered that we needed exactly a quarter of an inch leeway. I've unpacked the hacksaw and plan to take the couch apart entirely if necessary. You know, or buy a new one. But couches are really expensive.

Back to my original point - my friends, and in particular Jenn and Cassie, are amazing. They go above and beyond every day without even thinking about it. I have no idea what I've done to deserve them. (This is in no way a slight of Geoff, who put in an amazing amount of time and muscle this weekend. It's just that Geoff and Will are much closer than Geoff and I.)

This weekend Will is going to Oregon for his grandmother's 89th birthday, so I will be all alone for 2 or 3 days. What sucks is that I still have a lot of my stuff in storage. What is truly amazing is that Jenn, without a moment's hesitation, said, "Oh, we'll get it without him. See if Geoff can help again." (It should be noted that Geoff had already volunteered.)

Oh, and while I am listing the Wonders of Jenn, she is giving me her baker's rack. It's gorgeous, and I'm very excited. If I feel any better this afternoon, we'll move it in. Also today Sears is delivering our refrigerator. It's common in LA to rent a place that is not furnished with all appliances - namely, fridges. Thanks to our daddies, we were able to afford a very nice, albeit somewhat small, one. Yay! I can have milk again!

This is getting long and rambly. I have lots more to say, but I think I'll hold off. Missed you all.