Thursday, February 06, 2003

I had the strangest stress dream last night.

For reference, I always have panicky dreams immediately after moving. The dreams are always about moving, essentially a reliving of the move with everything that could have gone wrong and/or all the stuff I forgot to pack, et cetera.

Last night I dreamed that we were moving the stuff out of Will's second apartment. ([eyebrow]) This sort of corrolates, I think, to the stuff that I still have in storage. As with the real move, I was packing stuff as Will and our friends were loading the truck. In this case, there was a made-up girl (not Jenn) who had a moving truck that we were using. She was a total bitch. I think my subconcious gave her absolutely every quality that I hate. She was mean and bossy and wouldn't listen to anything I said, even though it was my stuff. I'd be in the middle of packing a box and she would grab it and load it up. When I tried to explain that I'd been dealing with this move for two weeks and needed her to let me pack my own stuff before it was put on the truck, she interrupted me, told me that I just couldn't have things my way, and wouldn't let me finish my sentence. I eventually got so angry and frustrated that I slapped her. She left, taking away the truck.


What was really strange is that this girl (she didn't have a name that I recall) was absolutely made up. She looked ever so slightly like Valerie, but not entirely. I love my subconcious for giving me an anonymous someone to take out my frustrations (and just possibly control issues) on.

Of course, it is entirely possible that the dream was the fault of the medicine I've been taking. It's just over-the-counter Tylenol Cold, but the sleepy stuff in their nighttime medicine is VERY affective. (Alas, the actual cold medicine is questionable.) I have no idea how I made it from the living room, where I was mostly passed out in front of the TV, to the bathroom, where I brushed and flossed (obviously I was drugged), to the bedroom. I vaguely remember Will kissing me goodnight, and then nothing until this morning when he gave me my stuffed animals before he left for work.

Incidentally, I adore him.