Friday, February 14, 2003

Will ran a mysterious errand today. I am dying to know what it was.

Also: in approximately 90 minutes, Primanti Bros. LA will be open for business. Or, you know, Barranti Bros.

In approximately 97 minutes, I will have a massive food coma.

And finally,

a poem by Shirley Jackson:

Song for all editors, writers, theorists, political economists, idealists, communists, liberals, reactionaries, bruce bliven, marxist critics, reasoners, and postulators, any and all splinter groups, my father, religious fanatics, political fanatics, men on the street, fascists, ernest hemingway, all army members and advocates of military training, not excepting those too old to fight, the r.o.t.c. and the boy scouts, walter winchell, the terror organizations, vigilantes, all senate committees and my husband:

I would not drop dead from the lack of you—
My cat has more brains than the pack of you.