Monday, April 14, 2003

I've added several people to The List. In the interest of not playing favorites or hurting feelings, I'm going to keep it to myself. Rest assured, though, that I'm feeling much better than I was two days ago.

It's raining, or was minutes ago. LA is so strange.

We had a fantastic weekend. As usual, it lasted about three days too few, but I can deal. We are working on a fabulous project. I'm so excited that I start thinking about it the minute I wake up, a time usually reserved for trying to remember where the coffee filters are kept (right next to the coffee pot). Anyone with a background in theater (of any sort), a lot of time on their hands, and a terribly creative nature (any two of the three will do) should contact me if they want to play with us.

I should look into whether show ideas can be copyrighted.

K is watching a cartoon movie (I can't see the TV, so I don't know which one), and I think I recognize David Spade's voice. That is just sad.

Can anyone recommend any good Burlesque on video? Tease-a-rama might not cut it. I mean to check Dita's site, but other than that it's google or nothing.

My house really needs to be cleaned. Badly. At least the bathroom sink is clean.