Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Reasons Will should work in television (the first in a series)

We watched 7th Heaven tonight. The show is an absolute train wreck. It hasn't been funny since before the twins were born, and even then it wasn't very funny. But really, how could we miss Lucy's Wedding? I mean, surely this is the first time a cabbage patch doll has said "I do."

First, Will suggested that Ruthie should move over to Everwood after 7th Heaven ends and become Delia's arch-nemesis. That is funny.

When Mary called from the car, and they made a big deal of not showing who her passenger was (which, incidentally, I never found out), I guessed that it was Matt, and Will said, "Nah, it's Dawson." That is hilarious.

After the wedding part, when RevCam introduced the couple, I said, "No! It's 'I am pleased to present to you, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Whatever.'" Will's reaction? "It was the fifth take."

These are the things that just Happen to me.

Today, Will and I began a crash diet, combined with an all-new work-out regime. The diet is mostly for him, as I am only five pounds over my ideal weight, not to mention a vegetarian*. I'd die if I cut down too far on carbs and fat. But I digress.

This morning, I did 30 leg lifts and 10 crunches. It's not very impressive unless you know just how much physical activity is a normal part of my day. Actually, I was quite pleased, because even that small amount of exercise helped my back, which has been really bad lately. (There's a story about a car accident in it for any of you who are very bored.)

After eating a vaguely healthy lunch, which followed a few hours online trying to catch up on everything I ignored this weekend, I did a load of laundry. It was done around the time Will got home, and I noticed when I collected it that all but 2 of the washers were free. Taking it as A Sign, I had Will help me carry the rest of the laundry downstairs. While it was in the machine, I made dinner - salmon with ginger and brocolli with soy sauce. Man, was it good! (For those keeping track, a lot of this happened during 7th Heaven, and we were collecting the clean, dry laundry when Mary and her Mystery Passenger arrived. I'm still betting it was Matt.) After Everwood, we folded the laundry. By that, I mean I sat on the couch and Will put all of his work clothes on hangers.

It appears that I somehow managed to shrink some of our clothing. I washed and dried everything on the exact same cycles I always use (warm water wash, cold rinse, permanent press dry). I haven't tested anything, though Will tried on a pair of jeans and they were tighter than usual. Most of the clothes look fine, so I'm thinking perhaps the smaller of the two loads of blacks just got over-dried. Still, it would be so ironic if I shrunk our clothes on the very day that we started trying to lose weight/get into shape.

In other news...

Was today a bank holiday? I didn't get any mail, and while I can accept the possibility that no one loves me, I cannot believe that my creditors have stopped writing.

*not really, but close enough.