Wednesday, September 17, 2003

And...I'm back.

Hi. I'm home. I feel ill, most likely due to the hectic schedule of the weekend, combined with too much air travel, combined with grief, combined with other stuff.

I spent a good portion of the trip home writing stuff down about my relatives. I haven't decided yet if I will post any of what I wrote.

This weekend was the first time that all of my cousins (with one exception) have been in the same room. It was really neat. My cousin Rory did not make it back for the funeral. There is some uncertainty as to whether he was too grief-stricken or unable to afford the trip. I was soprry not to see him, and more sorry that he was unable to say goodbye. I hope that he is able to grieve in his own way.

I also saw all of my uncles, which I don't believe has ever happened.

Most of my cousins grew up near each other, or at least with frequent visits. I am still meeting people for the first time. Well, technically, I met Michael and Andrea years ago (about 22), but I don't think it counts if I am 25, he is 27, and she is 23 and we don't remember each other or know anything about each other. Andrea is recently married, and Michael is an Army Sergeant. Who knew? (The answer is "everyone but me.")

My cousin Erin is getting married next year.

I also met some (not first) cousins that I really had never met, at least not to my knowledge. There are some very neat people in my family. As I suppose is usually the case with family, I have nothing in common with most of my relatives and we would never otherwise be friends, but there are a few people who I would love no matter how I knew them.

Here is a photograph that my cousin Michael took. He was in Iraq until, I believe, Friday. He was supposed to leave for the U.S. next week, but was allowed to leave early for the funeral.

This entry ends here, because I say so.