Saturday, December 27, 2003

Deleting my cookies made all my cookies go away.

Not the "desert" kind of cookies, of course. (I laughed and laughed over that typo when Mindi pointed it out. Um, I think it was Mindi. I am WAY too lazy to check.) The computer kind of cookies. I've had to sign into stuff all over the place that I had all but forgotten required logins. For example, I occasionally have to log into the WD, but I always have to log out oslowe first. Not today! Today I had to log in because I deleted my cookies. Also I had to log into Blogger and Blurty and probably something else. And I am totally screwed if I go the New York Times website, because I stay logged in there and I don't even know what email address I registered, let alone the password. I guess I will forgo news from now on. That will be OK.

It's so sad. Where do the deleted cookies go? Is there a cookie heaven? Is there a cookie hell for the spy cookies?

I am thinking about this way too much, and most likely not making any sense.

Will is watching Black Hawk Down special features. I am not likely to be online long. All of the information is transmitting to me aurally, but I can't see the pretty, pretty men. Well, the pretty men and Jerry Bruckheimer.

Oh, man. The Blogger spellcheck just told me Blogger was not a word. *shakes head sadly*