Sunday, January 18, 2004

This week on Alias: Annika fails to recognize Griffin Dunne.

As predicted, I will not be recaplet-ing Alias as I did last week. This substitution will have to do.

[spoilers for tonight's episode]

W: Is it worth pointing out that passenger jets can't outmaneuver heat-seeking missiles?
A: Honey, I pointed out so many mistakes and inconsistancies in the last two minutes that it's practically irrelevant.

W: So, do you think it's really Lauren, or is it one of those thingies like Francie?
A: I dunno.
W: You mean you don't care?
A: Yup.

A: Sydney's in trouble, so he instant messages his ex-wife?
W: Yeah, 'cause that's not interceptable.
A&W: [rolleyes]

W: Not Uncle Arvin!!

A: How did we live without Alias to make fun of before?
W: We've always made fun of shows.
A: Not like Alias.
W: I think it's because we didn't love it before. Like, with Buffy, we were bitterly funny when we started making fun of it, but we were bitter.

A: That's not a very good dressing if it's still bleeding.
W: Sydney didn't go to the Sarah Connor school of field dressings.

A: Poor Vaughn doesn't have any sunglasses.

A: What just happened?
W: Either he has ceremonial chopsticks or he eats his food with knitting needles.

A: Sark is a dirty, dirty liar.
W: I like him.

A: Zurich's pretty. How did he get there so fast?
W: What I want to know is why a North Korean officer would have a western-made firearm. They get their weapons from China, and that was a Baretta.
A: Maybe he bought the Baretta on the same Black Market that sold the plane that got Jack to Zurich so fast.
W: And the one that dodged the heat-seeking missiles.

(Sex, Lies and Videotape joke on ad for The Practice)
A: That commercial made my brain sad.

A: Ahh, the obligatory "shove the prisoner." You know, they usually don't do that unless you refuse to walk in the direction they want you to walk.
...I mean, in my limited experience being held prisoner by the North Korean government.

A: I just love a man who says "Thank you" after you punch him in the nose.
W: I could be that man for you!

W: That was...weird.
A: Gay. The word you're looking for is gay.

W: Meanwhile, Griffin Dunne looks shocked to be in an actual Hollywood agency.

W: I have to say, Isabella Rossalini kissing him got one of the least wooden performances out of Victor Garber ever.
A: You mean there was no wood?
W: I'm just saying, even though she's old enough to be my mother...that was really good, honey...that is one hot woman.

I hope you enjoyed that, even if you didn't understand any of it.

In conclusion, we want more Pudgy Spy!