Tuesday, January 13, 2004

This just in!

The entire cast of Firefly (with the possible exception of Jewel Stait) are GIANTS.

At the party last night following the premiere of Along Came Polly, Will and I noticed Summer Glau (River on Firefly). She towers over me at approximately 6'8 (+/- 1') and is drop-dead gorgeous. She did, however, look terribly uncomfortable until her date brought her a glass of wine. I'm sure the discomfort had nothing to do with me staring at her while shoveling free food down my throat. Nothing at all.

The other big news of the evening is that we got to walk down the red carpet. If you see any photos of Alec Baldwin from last night, look closely - we were behind him for a minute or two. I was shocked - SHOCKED! - to see that his hair is considerably less greasy than I had been led to believe.

OH! And we were in the elevator with Stephen Root. Will didn't notice, but I was all giggly. "Detention! Detention, detention, detention." And people say the Buffy movie sucked.

The movie (I'm back to Polly now) itself was fun. Nothing spectacular or ground-breaking, but certainly more original than most of the crap that gets foisted off on us regularly in the "romantic-comedy" category.

The party was saved from being totally lame (there were eight billion people there) by a fantastic salsa band. Even Will wanted to dance. We didn't, but that's beside the point. We left early and went home, where we came up with a genius pitch for a horror movie based on the Ladies' bathroom at the Chinese. I can't say anything further - you're all criminals and will steal my brilliant idea.