Monday, June 28, 2004

On heartbreak and mummies.

On Saturday I went over to Meghan's house and fell truly, madly, deeply in love with a lost little puppy she'd brought home. If I didn't think it would get us kicked out of our building, I would have taken her home with me, expense of a dog be damned. As it is, I am seriously wondering if there's any way I could talk the building manager into making an exception to the No Pets clause in our lease. But I don't think Will wants the responsibility of a dog until we can get a house (and a second income), and I hardly fault him for that. (Pictures of my beloved are here.) To complicate matters, Meg found a sign put up by the owner, but the damn woman has a full voice mailbox. PLEASE! If my dog was lost, I would not be more than two inches from the phone until she was found. Of course, I would also have her spayed, tagged, and microchipped. And not on a piece-of-crap, falling apart leash that she could break when I left her tied up in the yard, which of course I would never do. Ooh, I am so upset right now.

In lighter news, we had a mummy triple feature yesterday. We watched The Mummy, most of The Mummy Returns (we stopped it to go over to Jenn's for dinner), and Bubba Ho-Tep. Great stuff! Tonight I expect we will watch the latter with commentary.

And in completely irrelevant news, I made very good hummus yesterday.