Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Wow! LiveJournal communities SUCK!

So I was poking around on LiveJournal, because none of my friends have updated since last time I checked. I came across a community based on film reviews and discussion, which claimed to be better than another, similar community. We'll call the first one I found "Fuck You" and the one they directed me to "Flick You." I am using those names specifically because they are the communities' names - though not their entire names.

The rules to join Fuck You are to post a list of your ten favorite directors, then your ten favorite films NOT by those directors. I thought that was a neat idea and went off to check out the allegedly more rigid Flick You community. Their rule is a list of your top 20 films. Once you've posted your application the existing members can vote Yes or No or ask you for a top five in a specific genre (I saw films by female directors, heist movies, rom-coms and Asian films, among others). The community members are disgustingly picky - basically, if your list doesn't fit their idea of Quality, you're out. Banned. And probably verbally abused. I didn't notice the same treatment of applicants at Fuck You, but I didn't delve as deep there. Plus, they appear to be very new and only have a handful of members.

I thought I had figured out what made the Flickers tick, but then an application chock full of Lynch and Kubrick was rejected, so I guess they are a Different kind of pretentious.

I can be pretentious too! I should make you all post lists so that I can decide whether you can be my friends. Won't that be fun?

(The answer is "No.")

I went and checked out the Fuckers, expecting to hate them only slightly less. Unfortunately for my hate-on, the leader of the community liked Ravenous, so I might have to just settle for hating Flick You.

In the interest of the last hour and a half of my life not being a total waste of time, I would like you to post your lists. However, it will not have any effect on whether you are allowed to be my friend. That would be stupid.

Your choice: Top ten directors and the top ten films not by those directors or top 20 films overall. The criteria for these lists is entirely up to you. A brief explanation of said criteria would be appreciated (e.g. "personal favorites," "best direction," etc.). Commentary on your selections is fine but not required. A different list altogether is also fine, just say what the list is (it would help if it were film-related, of course).