Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A typical conversation.

(As opposed to an atypical conversation.)

Last night in bed, whilst discussing my, er, penchant for older men and systematically going through the WB cast of stars to try to find me a nice young thing:

Will: Well, now, Lindsey. If he'd just get a haircut.
Me: I know! So cute. What a waste.
Will: That's why Angel hated him so much. He couldn't stand anyone having worse hair than him.
Me: And it clearly tore Lorne apart.
Will: "A flunky?" "Your hair ruined my show."
Me: But wouldn't Angel want someone on the cast with worse hair, as a foil?
Will: No! Angel has to be the most angsty, hence the worst hair.
Me: ...
Will: Like Robert Smith.
Me: [hysterical laughter]
Me: Even Morrissey never had hair as bad as Robert Smith.
Will: Yeah, he had that pompadour. I liked that.
Me: It wasn't a very good pompadour, but still...
Will: Not Dawson's Creek?
Me: Oh, god no.

[Note: young = under 40.]