Monday, July 12, 2004


Email not working. Entire server down. Not informed that everything would have to be redone (except actual site) until AFTER I inquired about the fact that I couldn't log into my email. Very annoyed.

If anyone should need to reach me today, call me. I am not speaking to the internet right now (except in the obvious making-a-blog-entry way). Oh, fine, I am also checking my Watchers Diary email. I'm sure you all urgently need to be in contact with me (not).

But Will is home with a stomach bug, so I might just shut off the computer, turn on the air conditioning, and lay down.

On the other hand, I need the computer because I have to write a letter to Will's dentist explaining why exactly it is that when they say something is covered by his insurance, in fact promise that it is, and then it isn't, they are complete ASSHOLES for billing us for it and even bigger jerks if they think they can have our business anymore.

Oddly, I am in a fairly good mood. I know it doesn't show, but there you go.