Friday, July 09, 2004

Hollywood Shocker! Director cannot speak English.

Movie & TV News @ - WENN (You will have to scroll down, but I quote in full.)

Hawke Marriage Meltdown Inspired 'Sunset' Script
Ethan Hawke's shock split from wife Uma Thurman inspired the bittersweet musings of his character Jesse in eagerly-anticipated sequel Before Sunset. According to director Richard Linklater, when he, Hawke and leading lady Julie Delpy got together to collaborate on the screenplay, the Training Day hunk was aiming to 'blur the line between performer and character'. And Linklater admits he found the plot, in which Jesse tells old flame Celine how he is trapped in a loveless marriage because of his children, 'scary'. Linklater explains, 'It was a little scary. Current events had caught up with us. To Ethan's credit, I think it informed the making of the film. It definitely informed some of his feelings.'
Dear Dick,

Read the fucking dictionary. Its definition of "inform" does not match yours. I expect you to issue a retraction and an apology for your butchery of the English language.