Thursday, September 16, 2004

No one wants my money.

Weddings are, I presume, a multi-billion dollar industry. They must be, if the average wedding costs over $20 grand. And those crazy kids just keep on getting married!

So why doesn't anyone seem to want me to make payments for mine (in ONE MONTH)? The theatre owner does not seem to be in the office or returning calls, and my balance is due today. I would have mailed it if I'd known he would be missing. The caterer has not sent me the correct contract, so I cannot sign the contract and pay the obscene amount that constitutes only half of the total. No one is answering the phone at the court house to tell me whether the marriage license people take a lunch hour. The flower crooks have not contacted me for payment, leaving me to deduce all on my own that they might want it and call them myself. At least they answer their telephones.

I realize that out of the zillion dollars total taken in every year, my five grand or so is a paltry amount. But HONEST TO GOD! I do not have TIME for this. These people should be treating me like their CLIENT and kissing my fucking feet. (Eww, not literally.)

Also, why doesn't ANYONE take credit cards? We're going to be stuck with something like 30% APR on all the cash advances we'll be forced to take in the next few weeks.

I'm going to cry. But not really, because I look pretty today.

UPDATE! I am feeling much better. I got in touch with the girl at the Silent Movie Theatre (who I have never worked with before but like a great deal now that I have) and she took my check, made sure the contract was all right, and told me what is going on with the caterer. Basically, he got married on Saturday and went on his honeymoon without bothering to mention it to clients. Now, I have absolutely no expectations of anyone dealing with clients while on honeymoon, but it's been two weeks since I asked him for the CORRECT contract and he never even sent me a note letting me know he'd be busy with his own wedding. So I am annoyed with him, but not quite as much, and the Silent Movie Theatre girl (whose name I am totally blanking on) is going to get in touch with him and make sure he calls me and takes care of things.

Also, we now have our marriage license, photo albums, and a guest book (if it's lame to use a sketch book from The Art Store [seriously, it's called The Art Store], tough cookies. I like it). And also some artist model 1:6 scale figures that I made Will buy because they looked super-neat.