Wednesday, September 08, 2004

John Kerry is stalking me.

He keeps sending me mail. OK, to be fair, the mailings probably come from his people. But if that's the case, can't they send this crap to my people? I received two - TWO - offers for credit cards with the Democratic Party logo on them. The credit card offers were the only mail I got from the Dems that wasn't asking for my money (just my interest, ha ha).

Today I got the kicker. The One. It is brilliant. I got a signed photo of Kerry and Edwards. Typed, it says, "Dear Annika, Thank you for helping us secure a Democratic presidential victory in November, and a better future for America. Most Sincerely," and then it is signed in (copied) blue ink.

It's nice that they can predict the future. Last time I checked, it wasn't November yet.

I suppose the whole thing is my fault. You vote democrat (traceably) just once and they think they've got you. Granted, I have never voted for any other party, but I'm registered undeclared. It's just that I requested the Democratic ballot in the primary in March.

I didn't vote for Kerry, though. Sucker. And yeah, I will be voting for him in November, but I'm not sending money and I'm not really sure what to do with this picture and I don't need any more debt so the credit card is right out and anyway I liked Howard Dean better. Up yours, Kerry.