Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Girls Only!

Would any of my female readers (probably those of you not from the WD, since this has made the rounds there) be interested in receiving a form letter for a Panty Exchange? The basic idea is that I send a letter to six of you detailing the exchange. At the bottom of the letter are two addresses, mine and the girl who sent the letter to me. You send her a pair of panties (new, tags on, any price), move my name to the #1 spot, and add yours, then send the new letter on to 6 of your girl friends. It's pretty inexpensive - six stamps plus one package (probably about $3) and you could get 36 (!) new pairs of panties. Please comment if interested. I am always the reason that fun chain stuff ends abruptly, and thought that just this once I'd make the effort.