Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Weekend in Review (by request).

Friday evening we drove to our friends Erin and Andy's place and played with their lovely dogs, Bo and Lena. When we last saw Lena, she was a 15 pound puppy who was enchanted by our staircase. She is now at least 50 pounds and only 6 months old, and can easily knock me over before she even notices my presence. I want a puppy!

Saturday morning we stumbled out of bed rather early and got on the road to Oakland. Will drove the whole way there for some reason that I am not aware of, which resulted in nasty painful swelling in his hand and wrist (either tendonitis or carpal tunnel, no idea). We arrived at the lovely Park Plaza in time for a late lunch and a shower. And when I say the hotel was lovely, I am telling the opposite of the truth. At least the bed was big - but more on that in a moment.

So we drove to the Tenescal Beach thingy and met Kirk. Yay! Then we saw Andy and when I went to find Amy I met Mary-Jane, who is just lovely. (I am also quite mad for her mother, who cracked me up.) The ceremony was very nice, and also educational as we are having one of those pretty soon and need to decide what to include. Then supper and socializing and all that stuff that is done at weddings, including the bouquet toss which I was forcibly included in (even though I insisted that I was a foregone conclusion) but luckily the bride's sister caught it.

Our hotel room had a King size bed, which is something that I would very much like to have at home. However, due to the size and absurd softness of the bed, we slept rather fitfully and couldn't find each other during the night. At least there was Hotel Sex, which is always a Good Thing.

More coffee. Be right back.

Mmmm. Sweet ambrosia.

Sunday morning we had breakfast with Amy and Andy. Note to self: stop ordering the Continental Breakfast; it always sucks.

Then it was back in the car for the long drive home. As is probably the case with most long drives the day after a long drive, it took longer and included more stops to stretch (and buy Ace bandages for poor Will's wrist). We went into a Wal-Mart, something I have not done in years and years, and had a funny adventure that I will write about later.

When we finally got back to Los Angeles, we went to The Electric Lotus, which is a very good Indian restaurant in Los Feliz, and ate delicious food while I drooled over the waitress. Then we discussed threesomes and came home, where we slept like the dead.

Yesterday I mailed our wedding invitations. This involved begging the man at the counter of the post office to hand cancel them. Damn you, Assorted Wedding Websites, for convincing me that this was necessary. Then I went and bought pants.

And thus concludes my report.