Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Boys are funny.

"Mark, will you be bothered if I take off my clothes?"


Mark runs away as quickly as possible to avoid seeing my boobies.

There was nothing improper, really - Mark is Meghan's husband, and Meghan and I were changing out of our bathing suits. But it was v. funny.

Shelby was here this weekend and we had a lovely time, destroying my theory that he is not exactly my favorite house guest. Yay! I didn't much care for that theory anyway.

We watched Once Upon A Time in Mexico last night. It didn't make very much sense. Will thought I meant that I wasn't able to follow it, but that isn't the case. I know exactly what happened, it just didn't make very much sense. I don't care - it was gorgeously shot and a ton of fun. Also, my favorite part was the 10 Minute Cooking School. Robert Rodriguez cooks like I do, and gives much the same advice about it.

Which reminds me, I now have two cookbooks I need to write.

In other news, I have decided that I want to replace our crappy loveseat with a daybed. Ikea has a nice one for a hundred bucks (plus mattress), and I've had good luck with their metal bed frames in the past, so I think we're going to buy it. Picture! We'll obviously need to purchase a LOT of throw pillows, but I am very fond of the idea of having another sleeping space. And we can get a crappy mattress for now ($50 at Ikea) with a mattress pad or lots of blankets on it and upgrade later.

The caterer is not returning my phone calls. This is Not Good.

Note to self: go buy filing cabinet this week. You can take Jenny's truck and save yourself a massive headache on transport.

Going back to the theme of this entry (see title), Will seems to think that he needs clean clothes for something ("work") so I had better go sort.