Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Hottub party at Chez Dellraven! (With annoying Wedding Crap.)

It feels very strange having people over to a house other than your own. I felt like my parents were away and the whole school showed up with kegs.
Except, it's Meghan and Mark, not my parents, there were no kegs, and it was just Jenn and Roxanne, who are also friends with Meghan.
I haven't been in a hottub in years. My back thanks whoever invented them - I haven't felt this relaxed in for-fucking-ever. I slept like a baby. Er, a baby who sleeps very soundly. Pretty Penny was quite forgiving of me for stumbling out of bed after ten this morning and making coffee before walking her. Such a good dog. It will be very difficult to go home on Saturday and leave her.
I miss my husband. Boyfriend. Fianc´┐Ż. Damn it! Whatever. I can't wait for the wedding so that I'll know what to call him.
Speaking of the wedding, we've sent off the information to our friend Emmy for the invitations. She has a letterpress and does truly gorgeous work. I hope the wording is not too silly - getting married in a movie theatre, we've gone whole hog with the Premiere theme. Formal-ish, but not very wedding-y. Alan, one of Will's best friends, did a line drawing of the theatre for us. I haven't seen it yet, and the anticipation is driving me insane. I know it'll be stunning, as all of his work is, but I don't know just what it will look like.
On Saturday I went to get my dress fitted. Driving back, I realized that This Is It. We're getting married! I stopped feeling overwhelmed by planning (for about five minutes) and was just excited. Delightful feeling. Now if I could just figure out what the hell to do with my hair. (Any suggestions? I will NOT be wearing a veil, but am open to simple decorations.) It also occurs to me that I'd better learn how to put on make-up before October. I'm sure as hell not paying someone to do it for me, and besides which at my age I ought to have some clue what to do with rouge.
I worry that I'm making a mistake not hiring a professional photographer. It's just that there are so many talented photographers in my family, so I feel that we'll be covered. But maybe we should have someone there for just the photos. I don't know!
Can anyone tell me if the home teeth-whitening kits work (Crest White Strips and the like)?
In conclusion, next time we'll just go to an Elvis Chapel in Vegas and skip all this hoopla.