Monday, July 19, 2004

Adventures in Dogsitting

(Hee. If Vincent D'Onofrio shows up, I will be so psyched.)
Miss Penny is a delightful companion, but completely insane. For example, the computer desk is a few feet away from the bed; if she is on the bed and I sit down at the computer chair, she looks at me reproachfully till I pat my lap for her to come over. Not crazy yet, I know. But she will sit at the edge of the bed and cry until I roll the chair over close enough for her to jump. She won't get down on the floor and then jump up onto my lap! Crazy. And I know I am not helping things by giving in, but I can't help it! At least I am making her Sit before allowing her to come up on the furniture, and when it is time to put on her leash, and especially for treats (which have medicine hidden in them, but don't tell her that). She has also been trying to eat leaves and bugs - I think she might have mistaken herself for a cat.
I should say that I am the perfect match for her, being batshit insane myself. This morning I was not yet awake when I walked her and forgot to bring a baggy. She pooped, and I took her back to the house where I got a bag and went back out. But could I find her poop? Let's just leave it at 'no' and be happy no one got my running commentary as I looked for it on tape.
Ahhh, poo stories. I imagine that by the time I have my own babies you will have all stopped reading this in disgust.
Wedding update later if I get my act together. (Speaking of...OK, totally unrelated, my apologies to the folks on my mailing list. I can't send updates because I have no idea what my notifylist password is. I am an ass.)