Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Ha ha.

You know my axe-murdering friend on the roof? Didn't exist.

No, I didn't make him up.

But I was right about sound being distorted at night around here - turns out there was a couple across the street, in the complete opposite direction, who deemed 1:00 in the morning an appropriate time to unload their moving truck. Granted, they were doing so pretty quietly and I sympathized (I hate moving), but his furniture dolly scraping the concrete of the driveway was the noise I heard.

Or maybe it was a coincidence and there was an axe murderer as well. Who knows? All I'm sure of is that when Will woke up this morning and opened the porch door, he had to unlock it and remove the bolt (which we never use). Like I said - I'm not stupid.

In other news, I ought to go buy juice.