Monday, August 02, 2004

Take THAT, Guido!

My copy of the out-of-print Criterion edition of Rebecca has just arrived in the mail. Yippee! And also Wow! That is one loaded DVD. AND it only cost me about $8. Lovely Jenn gave me an Amazon gift certificate on the occasion of my birthday, so I had only to pay the balance. I think Amazon still has a few in stock, so if anyone else does not own this movie, it can still be purchased.

My sister has someone on her LiveJournal Friends list whose username is bipolarcurious. I think this is the most clever username in the history of usernames, and I hate him/her for thinking of it before the rest of us.

Speaking of my sister, any ideas what I might be able to pawn off on her in terms of wedding prep? She is 3000 miles away and refuses to hop the next plane to Los Angeles to address invites (I do not blame her one bit and would do anything to get out of it myself - oh help they will be ready within a week or so and my hand is already cramping).

I repeat: oh help. Weddings are too much work.