Friday, July 30, 2004



This post is named after my drink, to which I dedicate my entire day, maybe my weekend, and possibly even the entire week.


In honor of my vastly improved (times ten thousand) mood, here are some pictures of me. As always, click the thumbnail for a bigger version.

1. New hair and... glasses. While Amanda totally made my day by saying I couldn't get any cuter, I believe you will find that it simply isn't true.

2. Puppies! Me and Penny napping.

I think that being as cute as Penny (or me, for that matter) should be illegal.

Now I really do have to finish cleaning the kitchen (at least I started!) because we are having a guest this weekend. It was sort of unplanned and I was all set to be righteously annoyed, but then I got this drink and I feel soooooooooo goooooooood.