Thursday, July 22, 2004

You go to hell and you die!

American Airlines and Chicago O'Hare are now my sworn enemies.

I'm supposed to pick John up at LAX at 11:08 tonight. Yay! Yeah, not really. Because it is now 9:47 and his plane has NOT LEFT CHICAGO YET. Luckily, he emailed me earlier to let me know it was raining pretty hard and his flight might be delayed. But this does not qualify as a delay. This is SABOTAGE. American Airlines, O'Hare, and George W. Bush have conspired to ruin my night. Every time I check the flight status page, the estimated arrival time has been pushed later. It is currently estimated for landing at 2:11 AM, and since it hasn't left yet I doubt it will be that early.

I have to get up around 7:00 tomorrow morning.

Oh, did I mention that John usually checks his luggage? Oh wait - maybe he doesn't. I can't remember. But if he does...

I am going to murder SOMEONE, as soon as I figure out who.