Wednesday, August 11, 2004

In brief.

  • Bettie for President! I have been nominated for President of the WD. I intend to win, so I suggest that you vote for me. If you are not a member of the WD, I suggest that you register, then vote for me.

  • Kerry for President! OK, seriously, if you plan to vote for anyone other than Kerry in November, fuck off. (This does not apply to readers under 18 or from countries other than America, unless you are now American citizens, in which case go vote, you goddamn Aliens. You have acid for blood, don't you? Weirdo!)

  • Politics. In continuation of the above: I am not a Democrat, but I am more Democratic than Republican. I am not a Liberal, but I am more liberal than Conservative. I think Libertarian is a closer fit than either, but there are lots of crazy anarchist Libertarians, which makes it a rather unappealing label. I think I will stick with Librarian. EDIT: Dude, on re-reading that it sounds awfully harsh on anarchists. I didn't mean it that way.

    Also, George W. Bush is a lousy President.

  • Food, Glorious Food! On Monday I made Chile Verde, Pork Pibil, and Chickpea Chile, which needs a better name. Last night I looked at our refrigerator full of delicious Mexican food leftovers and decided to make nachos instead. They were disgustingly good.

  • Wedding Headaches Planning. I've left yet another message for my caterer. If I don't hear from her by the end of the day, it's on to Plan B. Unfortunately, I don't know exactly what Plan B is... A lot of phone calls, I presume. And possibly some crying. The good news is that we have our invitations and they are gorgeous. I have addressed over half of the envelopes and will be buying stamps later today, if I can bring myself to leave my apartment. EDIT: I have a Plan B now, but still no stamps.

  • Other: Last night while I was in bed waiting for sleep I had about sixty ideas of things to blog about. They're all gone, so I guess I'll stop here.