Monday, August 09, 2004

I could sleep for a thousand years.

Wedding invitations were delivered this morning. I have yet to see them. Technically, so does Will, even though they are in his office right this second, because he decided to wait to open the box until he gets home so that we can do it together.

When buying pork for stews, it is probably advisable to have the butcher cut the roasts into stew-sized bits. Doing it yourself is very time consuming and makes your hands sore and tired.

My graphic design skills are minimal.

After naming this post, I found an MP3 of DeVotchKa covering "Venus in Furs." Coincidence? Of course not. DeVotchKa is madly in love with me and even wrote a song about me ("Queen of the Surface Streets").

I still have not managed to put my filing cabinet together.

The oven has been on for nearly an hour and I still have not managed to put the peppers in to roast.

I forgot to buy cheese.

I changed the ink cartridges in my printer this morning. I think I am almost out of ink again.

I am tired. I am weary.

I wonder if Lou Reed knew about coffee. That's how I plan to fix my problems.