Wednesday, August 25, 2004

I've been a bad, bad girl...

So, this morning I went to Target because we needed toilet paper and assorted other junk.

While I was there I checked out the DVDs that were on sale. Stand By Me was marked down from its normally low price of $9.44 to a mere $7.50 - it was on a 2 for $15 shelf. Also on that shelf were Spaceballs and The Fifth Element. I went with the latter but something tells me I will forever regret not adding Spaceballs to our collection.

Then I found a shelf marked $5.50 and just had to buy Way of the Gun. Will has forgiven me, because he is totally gay for that movie. I don't know how you can be gay for a movie, but he is.

I'm so hungry! Is it 1:00 yet?

In other news, it it very bad of me to have jumped for joy when we got our first Regrets in the mail yesterday? I think not, since the caterer's quote gave me hives, but still.