Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Holy Shit! (Now with even more photos.)

Being married is awesome.

...OK, it's almost exactly the same as not being married, but with more jewelry and a new last name (which won't be legal until god knows when, with California being so very weird about marriage licenses).

But it's still awesome. So there.

While it's entirely possible that I will write an actual entry describing the events of Saturday, I don't want to risk my normal laziness and will therefore make a brief list now of some highlights.

  • Look, I don't expect anyone to believe me, but nothing went wrong. The site coordinator was a little late to let us in due to car trouble, but that's seriously the only problem we had on the day.
  • The Bride walked down the aisle to Queen. Oh yes, I did.
  • I practically whispered my vows. I think only Will and Justin could hear me. Which is probably exactly how it should be.
  • Shockingly, I did not cry. I have cried at every wedding I have ever been to (as an adult) except for my own. I did, however, suffer a jaw injury from smiling so damn much. I was really fucking happy/excited all day.
  • Will cried teared up a little.
  • We made faces at each other through part of the service. Apparently, it was noticed by, like, everyone.
  • When Justin said "You may now kiss your bride," Will whispered "I love you" before kissing me.
  • I am only aware of one person that I may not have said a single word to at the reception. Mark, please forgive me. Unless, of course, I did talk to you and just forget.
  • There were some really truly painfully adorable little girls there. I felt pangs of sadness that we had no flower girl, but the two girls tied for the position were in Vegas anyway, even if we'd thought of it ahead of time. (And frankly, I just couldn't ask that of any child; it would be so BORING.)
  • Speaking of flowers, the folks who did the bouquets quoted me around $300 for stage decorations. Cassie went to Trader Joe's and bought sunflowers and calla lilies for probably around $20. Eat shit, wedding industry!
  • Lots of people traveled considerable distances to be with us, and I am truly appreciative.
  • Lots of people couldn't make it for one reason or another, and I missed every one of you.
  • I hear the food was awesome. And I did eat, but pretty much just veggies. I'd gone too long beforehand without eating (except for a piece of bread just before the ceremony which I begged off the catering staff - bless them).
  • In addition to K and Darren, Cassie and Shelby were a tremendous help to us and Jenn was possibly the greatest friend who ever existed. (She's still great, but I was AMAZED by the way she held everything together on Saturday and still did my hair and make-up.)
  • Best wedding I've ever been to. And I know I'm supposed to think that, but it really, really was.

Oh, and pictures will be up shortly are up. (Not the official ones taken by Dee, but some stuff from my parents at least.)