Monday, September 27, 2004

I forgot to remember to blog you.

Who am I and what am I doing with this computer?

Oh, right, I live here.

In shocking news, it turns out that I will be getting married in less than three weeks. I say shocking in part because I lost most of last week to illness (seriously, I can't remember any of it) and also partly because I keep forgetting he isn't my husband yet.

The caterer I fired called today to see if I got the invoice. Good grief. Oh, have I brought you all up to date on the catering situation? I doubt it, but am far too lazy to check. Anyway, my friend is back on, having gotten over her personal tragedy (what a horribly callous way for me to word that), and while we are still paying through the noise, now we are getting an absolute steal. And I guess I didn't really fire the movie theatre's guy, since he never sent me the right contract. But he got married, which I think is nice. Everybody get married! Unless you don't want to!

Spent most of yesterday scanning photographs of Will and me for a hideously egotistical slideshow during reception. We were very cute sprogs, but I feel sorry for our guests. I will try to find some nice Buster Keaton as a buffer. Actually, most of the time was spent downloading drivers for the scanner. Remarkably, we haven't got one at home and had to use the one at his office. Ahhh, well, we have one at home, in its box, because it is pre-USB and there is no way to plug it into my computer. Also, yesterday my NyQuil hangover convinced me that nothing smaller than 600 dpi would do. Ha. The files are so large that nine of them was too much for a CD-R. Also, I am lying, because Saturday night was the first time I went to sleep without aid (loving notwithstanding). So maybe it was withdrawal.

If none of this makes any sense, too bad.

The best part of yesterday was, er, acquiring the DVD of Freaks and Geeks, which I had never seen. We watched the first disc when we got home. I cried a lot, and laughed so hard that I may have dislodged a lung. Oh, but that might be the bronchitis or influenza or possibly walking pneumonia, whatever I've got now. Will was careless enough to trust me by leaving the DVDs here while he went to work today. I have watched all of the first disc extras including half of the commentaries. Keeping myself from putting in disc two is torture.

In other news, we've been working on our ceremony. Rewriting the standard Book of Common Prayer vows to avoid offending the bride. Which is funny when you consider that the first reading I chose is from the Bible. And even funnier because the man we asked to read it is Jewish, and it's NT. But he doesn't seem to mind. And I don't really care as long as we don't have any "God created marriage for men and women to have children" crap. So everybody wins, if by "everybody" I mean me. Let's just hope that our Christian minister approves of the changes. Since he used to do drugs with the groom, I don't think it will be a problem. (Note to my mother: by drugs, I of course mean alcohol.)

I am annoyed that the phrase Domestic Goddess is used so commonly these days. I was using it back when I was the only American I knew who'd ever heard of Nigella Lawson. Now I feel lame and in need of a new title. If only more people understood that nonpareil is not just a kind of movie theater candy.

If I keep using non-sequiturs, this post may start making sense. We can't have that.

Over and out.