Sunday, October 10, 2004

Not a creature was stirring...

Will's gone to bed. In the time that it took me to tuck him in (which consisted of him reading me tonight's chapter of A Night in the Lonesome October while I gave him a foot massage), K had put herself to bed in the living room. It is very quiet. The pumpkin lights and the scaaaaaaaary ghost's eyes are the only sources of light besides my monitor. (That's a lie; I have a lamp on next to my desk. But it sounded so neat the other way.)

Obviously, we have decorated for Hallowe'en. We already had several goodies, and I think we spent about a billion dollars today at Target. (Another lie.)

I have not forgotten the picture challenge. I just haven't taken the pictures yet. Well, I've had two separate goes at "Breakfast" for Pat, but keep losing my resolve (or camera) before lunch. I promise to get those up soon.

...And when I say "soon," it should be read with the fact that I am getting married in less than six days kept firmly in mind.

Speaking of the wedding, we have completely changed our minds in regard to the processional music. I was opposed to getting my own music, as I do not think that the bride is any more important than, say, the groom, but it has worked out that I will have it whether I want it or not. And the music we've picked is SO PERFECT that you will not hear me complain. At least not about that - a whine or two may escape my mouth about the fact that I have five days to get used to the shoes that seemed like a good idea at one time but are in fact very high heels with very little support. Eek. I just hope my knees don't lock during the ceremony. Though I suppose that would be good fun for pretty much everyone except me.

Pressies have begun arriving in full force. And I confess, I check the registries pretty much daily to see what to expect. My favorite gifts, though, are what I have termed "Old Lady Checks," the monetary gifts from older relatives. The fact is that I find a $25 check extremely generous, but it can't be denied that it's a little bit humorous. And it was a challenge when I remembered that it's tradition to mention what the money was used for in the Thank You note, but we've managed to figure that out. (But not actually write the notes. I am already behind on that.)

K arrived yesterday, as was probably evidenced by the fact that I already said she is downstairs sleeping. My Feeder instinct keeps kicking in, and I am struggling to suppress it. I can't play hostess when I have so much to do, but it is my nature to do so. Besides, I don't want her to have a rotten time.

I have some of the best friends on earth. I never forget that, but don't really mention it often enough.