Monday, December 06, 2004

I don't think I have ever done one of these.

Name: Annika
Owner of: myself
Love and relationships: married to my best friend
Religion: is fine in small doses
Politics: should be taken in smaller doses
M.O.: My lawyer has advised me against answering this
Computer: Actual- Dell Dimension desktop. Dream- Apple PowerBook.
Camera: Olympus OM1, Canon PowerShot Elph
Music: Alt country, rockabilly, ska, and Christmas carols
Star sign: Cancer
Chinese astrological year: Horse
Undergraduate: Hahahahaha no.
Master's: I would actually like to have one of these, but apparently they like applicants to have undergraduate degrees. Bastards.
Doctorate: Dr. Bettie? Nah.
Flower: Lilies, mostly.
Instrument: I like the tuba, but cannot lift one.
Fruit: Mmmmmmmmmm.
Dance: Texas Two-Step
Knit: No, but I crochet, badly.
Sew: Capable but not good.
Swear: Like a limber-dicked cocksucker.
Bake: Yes, but my bread skills have disappeared. Being a pie expert makes me feel OK about that.
Cook: I have a weird gene that enables me to cook anything.
Sing: Along
Sports on TV: Baseball. I do not have a team.
Family: Mostly wonderful
Friends: All wonderful
Childhood pet name: Peach Pie
Books: About a thousand
Class: Um. What? I am somewhat classy.
Ambition: To be Shirley Jackson, Nigella Lawson and Nora Charles rolled into one fairly small Sicilian girl.
Sell-out price: One MILLION dollars!
Flavor: Um.
Tattoos: Dragon on left arm, soon to be joined by Motto.
Piercings: A couple holes in each ear, a closed up hole in my nose, and an abandoned naval piercing.
Hair: red, and I will fight you if you argue that point.
Allergies: mild hayfever
Quality of life: Looooooooovely, if a bit poor monetarily
Sense of humor: cynical
Spice: Rowr!
Other languages: I used to know some sign and could probably get my meaning across in a pinch.
Sleep: As much as I can possibly get
Drug: caffeine, nicotine
Cleanliness level: Improving
Bury me: in a lily-white gown...
Lifetime achievements: I'm still working on those.
Game: Terminal Pursuit, Conniption, and Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven
Magazine: Martha Stewart, The New Yorker, Harper's
Motto: Uva Uvam Vivendo Varia Fit

In other news, I wanted some hot cocoa but didn't feel like dirtying a pan (no Swiss Miss for me), so I ate a handful of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips. And by a handful, I mean about six. Blech.