Monday, November 29, 2004

buy me toys

With Christmas, my favorite holiday on earth, rapidly approaching, I have been a busy little bee. Not, alas, a terribly productive little busy bee, but I have been engaged in one very important - I suppose one might even say vital - activity: Making a list and checking it twice.

We have figured out gifts for about half the people on our list. We have not yet made the list of folks who we will be sending cards to (so if you want one, speak up now), though we have bought the cards themselves. I have not yet started on any of the gifts that will be home made, but we have purchased a fair number of the boughten (it is so a word, I read it in a Laura Ingalls Wilder book) gifts.

I am working on another list as well. The list, of course, of Stuff I Want. I've posted part of it on the WD, in an effort to work out my female troubles; part of it has not been previously posted; and I expect to update it often, removing and adding items at whim (and my whims are strange).

You most certainly do not have to buy me anything unless you are my husband or immediate family. But let's be honest, I won't be sad if I get a present from pretty much anyone. (This list was started for my husband's use, so if you do feel like getting me something, you may want to consult with him.)

So, the list, as it stands currently:

girly bath/body/facial junk

girly clothing
And, of course, anything on my Amazon wish list (please sort it by priority, as there are some things on there as reminders, or that I want to borrow from the library first, which now that I think about it is just exactly like a reminder).