Friday, November 26, 2004

Moon River...

Will is in the bath. As soon as he informed me of his intention to have a soak, all I wanted in the whole world was a bath of my own. I am so easily suggestible. I had two pieces of buttered toast and a slice of chocolate chess pie instead, and later I may climb into the tub with him (but probably not, because I am somewhat greasy and ought to take a shower first).

I looked at the Ikea catalogue earlier, hoping for storage ideas. I was not planning on buying anything from them, as I've given them up for Lent (I mean, for good), but I thought surely they would have some decent ideas. I can't say whether they do or not, because halfway through the catalogue (and that's halfway counting all the pages of linens and soforth that I skipped over) I felt rather ill just thinking about that dreadful place. Sadly, I want to buy a mate for a chair I have from them. I will have to send a friend. And I still need some storage ideas.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. I roasted a turkey, mashed some potatoes, baked rolls and corn muffins, made a stew of okra, tomatoes and corn, baked the dressing (stuffing that hasn't been stuffed up the bird's arse), made gravy, and generally ran myself ragged, and it was wonderful. I didn't have a single drink all day, because by the time I was able to relax enough to pour one it was meal time, and I don't like wine with hot food. Jenn roasted a ribeye, Elka made a gravy for it, and there were pies made by Jenn, myself, and Meghan. Everything was delicious, except for my rolls which just didn't come out right (though Will liked them).

More importantly (but what could be more important than food?) we had a lot of truly wonderful people here. Besides Will and myself, Jenn and Elka, we had Cassie, Meghan and Mark, Henry and Roxanne, and Andy, who was stag for the holiday, which I think blows (his wife, Erin, was down in San Diego with her family, but he was working and couldn't go with her).

I am thankful for many things, but most of all my husband, who loves me, seemingly no matter what, and with whom I have the most fun I have ever had.

And now I have had this composer open for about a year and it is really time to take a shower.