Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I forgot to mention that we watched Laurel Canyon at Jenn's house on Saturday evening. What a disappointment! I was so excited by the cast (except for Kate Beckinsale, who I only liked in Much Ado About Nothing) that it never occurred to me to look into the plot. Which wouldn't have helped, since there wasn't one. That is, not a very interesting one. It was very true-to-life, even if I don't know anyone whose life is actually like that, and frankly, I don't watch movies for realism. Sure, I complain about unrealistic shit, but I'm talking about Every Last Detail. The pacing, the dialogue... It was like watching a reality show that was actually realistic, which, by the way, is a bad idea, so anyone who works for Fox and is reading this: the crap you put on the air is actually better than this, because at least it is entertaining to someone. Oh, but I checked the imdb message boards (not on purpose) and it turns out that there are people who adored the movie, who dissect it, who talk about the characters like real people. It's as if there were entire communities of people, obsessed with fictional worlds and discussing them with people they don't know.


Anyway, I like my movies to be more escape, less uncomfortable realism. And also, it was kinda weird. But Frances McDormand, Christian Bale, Allesandro Nivola, and even Kate Beckinsale were all wonderful.

I also watched Mean Girls recently. Just now, actually. And I was totally not offended by it. I mention this because I expected to be. I have a deep suspicion of anyone who portrays homeschooling in pretty much any way, because it always looks bad. But this movie was OK. More on it later.