Monday, November 22, 2004

I took the weekend off.

I know that I sort of invented NaBloWriMo, and I know that I said two posts a day, and I know that I have the option to backdate, but screw it. I had a lovely weekend and spent hardly any time at the computer and I LIKED IT. My new plan is to meet my word goal and nevermind when the posts get posted as long as it's in November.

Mike came over for dinner Friday evening, and since he's never been here before I went totally insane getting the place cleaned up. This is most excellent, because now I have less cleaning to do for Thanksgiving, which gives me more time to cook, and dick around on the internet.

On Saturday Will and I went to the dreaded Grove, a shopping mall, and began our Christmas shopping. I know, even I am disgusted with our forethought and efficiency. (What's worse, I began wrapping today.) After that Jenn and I went and got manicures and pedicures, furthering my effort to be more girly. And it should be noted that I wore a SKIRT and jewelry all day. Then we went back to Jenn's place where Will joined us and Elka brought barbecue. Lovely evening, though it was pouring when we left and I was still wearing a skirt and flip-flops. Yeesh. In a charming attempt at chivalry, Will threw his shirt over my head to keep me drier, but that resulted mainly in limiting my line of vision. Still, it was pretty funny.

On Sunday we went to Meghan and Mark's, met up with Cassie and their friend Jenn, and all went out for Indian food. Yum! Then we did more Xmas shopping. Disgusting! It isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Will got a massage, I played with puppies, and there was much killing done via XBox. We went home and watched about half of the 100 Scariest Movie Moments, which Cassie taped off Bravo for Will. I was rather unimpressed, and fell asleep.

Today our toilet got fixed (thank goodness - nearly a dozen people expected on Thursday) and I plan to take a bath. These items are only related in that they're in the same room.

In other news, HOT! I'll take one in each color. This will go quite nicely.

And I think it's time for that bath.