Monday, November 29, 2004

Things I have learned lately

On Saturday morning while Will was in the shower I learned that he likes the smell of nail polish remover. This is a Good Thing, as I had quite rudely decided that it was a good time for me to attempt to remove the pale pink pearly color that was chipping on my fingernails. This was, it turns out, a Fight To The Death - either my nails liked having chipping polish on them, or the polish had decided that it was comfy right where it was and just not going to go anywhere. The latter seems unlikely, given the chipping, but at the same time I know my hands fairly well and I don't think they cared for the polish. Anyway, I was furiously rubbing away with a cotton ball while Will dried himself off from his shower, and I apologized for the smell. To my surprise, he said he liked it. And that's really all there is to that story - I just found it so incredible that I had to mention it.

That is actually the only thing I've learned lately...or at least, the only thing that stuck...