Monday, February 14, 2005

Help me find this book.

(Cross-posted, with apologies.)

Oh boy.

Pretend you are a clerk in a bookstore. I am your worst nightmare: I'm looking for a book, but I don't know the title or the author or really anything except that the main character wore pink pants in one scene...

Stop pretending to be a clerk in a bookstore. Seriously, stop! I'd rather you didn't kill me.

So, I'm looking for this book. It is a young adult romance novel (no, really). The main character, who does indeed wear pink pants in one scene, is a good girl with good grades who starts dating a boy (I think his name might be Bobby) with a bad reputation - he's had sex, he maybe can't read, etc. They become very close and she learns that he dreams of being an actor; in one scene he reads to her from Long Day's Journey Into Night. His father is a police officer, he is Italian, and he cooks her dinner. There is a very important scene in which she is nearly hit by a car.

Does anyone have ANY IDEA AT ALL what book I am talking about?