Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A Comedy of Errors

So, Jenny had a 1:30 flight to catch. She was planning to take the train to LAX. She's running late, so she calls me - can I go with her in her truck and then drive it back to her place? Of course I can. So I meet her at her place, but she's really running late, and the laundry room is conspiring against her because nothing is dry, and we finally get on the road and she drives really fast while I keep my knitting needles crossed that we won't get pulled over. I remove the scissors from her carry-on bag. We get her to the terminal a few minutes before 1:00. Maybe there's time. Run! And I leave, and as I'm merging onto Century a motorcycle cop pulls out behind me and flashes his lights. I have this moment of panic - did I forget to signal my lane change? Cut someone off? I certainly can't see a thing when I drive this truck. And OH MY GOD WHICH SIDE DO I PULL OVER ON? But I get myself over to the side of the road and he's real polite and was just pulling me over because there's a crack in Jenny's windshield and I tell him it isn't my truck. So he takes my license info and then lets me leave, no ticket or anything. And I think to myself that I've taken the rest of Jenny's bad luck for the day and she'll get her flight. And about halfway back to our neighborhood I notice a, um, smoking accessory just sitting in the console thingy under the radio. IN PLAIN SIGHT! But not in plain sight if the steering wheel is blocking Mr. Nice Officer's view. THANK GOD. But then I get home and there's a message on my machine - she's still at the airport. Fuck! So I call her and everything was fine till Security found a wine key in the lining of her bag with a 4 inch blade on it that she had no idea was there. A wine key that was directly beneath the scissors I'd fished around for, but I didn't feel it or the hole it had fallen through. Damn it. So she was detained with paperwork and is catching the 5:00 flight. I tell her that I'm pretty sure there's a hidden smoking area in the terminal.

So that's it and everyone's fine and no permanent damage (as far as I know), but GEE WHIZ.