Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Everything's coming up Millhouse.

I haven't even written this entry yet, and I know you're all sick of my vagueness. So I will give you this much: I landed what promises to be a wicked cool writing gig. I will tell you more about it very soon.

Will and I have been working on a very exciting writing project. We also have a handful of awesome ideas for future projects and another handful of old projects that we're dusting off.

Anyone know how to write a comic, or at least a comic book proposal?

Our friend Erik is in town, finishing his short film for the NYU festival that's coming up.

I have four knitting projects in various states of completion. Will I ever finish one? Who knows!

I still need to upload the rest of the wedding pictures. Boring!

My hair is still fabulous.

I have to pee.