Thursday, May 19, 2005

How to piss me off

Say something clever and off-hand, like, "Oh, you're too young to be married."

As if I could change it now anyway! Your pearls of wisdom are too late, O Wise Woman of the DMV, for my people do not believe in divorce!

Seriously. DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY KNOW ME? Do they think that somehow I have not learned my own mind in 27 years but they have figured me out in 14 seconds?

I know that I look younger than I am. So let's say, as a far-fetched argument, that is is somehow OK to judge people's choice to be married if they are, say, 22 (which I think I could easily pass for). So it might be all right for someone passing me on the sidewalk to think to himself, Oh, what a shame, she's far too young, she's throwing her life away (or whatever). BUT IF I AM REQUIRED BY LAW TO GIVE YOU MY DATE OF BIRTH BECAUSE YOU WORK AT THE DMV DO NOT ACT LIKE A NINCOMPOOP. It is only in the last few years that it ceased to be totally ordinary for women my age to be not only married but most likely mothers. So what the hell is wrong with being married at my age? I mean, even if people had the right to judge me, how is this a reasonable point to grab hold of?