Monday, May 16, 2005

This is too funny.

I am still not sure whether this email was spam or a mistake.

In the original:

Volk wird nur zum zahlen gebraucht!
Lese selbst: [link removed]
damit Sie nicht als der erste Kanzler in die deutsche Geschichte eingehen, derUntertanen verboten hat, aus ihren Fenstern auf die Strasse zu gucken - selbst Nazisund Stalinisten haben niemals eine aehnliche Anordnung treffen lassen!
Translated (poorly):
People did not forbid only to to pay gebraucht!
Lese selbst: [link removed]
thereby you as the first chancellor German history to enter, that subjects looking from their windows on the road - even Nazisund Stalinisten never a similar arrangement meet to have let!
Can anyone translate more thoroughly?

UPDATE: Apparently this email is not a virus/worm, but rather the result of one - an email sent out by an infected computer, or something like that. But I still would like to know what it says, and if I am indeed a Chancellor of Something. It isn't too late to ask the DMV to put "Palpatine" on my driver's license.