Thursday, May 05, 2005


This morning Will had breakfast with some guy from Dreamworks. Mike something-or-other.

So they talk shop, blah blah blah, and then the conversation inevitably turns to horror movies. They gush about Ginger Snaps, and Will assures Mike that the sequels are even better than the original. Mike tells Will about this French horror movie that he saw about a year ago, that will come out next month. He says he doesn't want to spoil the ending, but there was a review on Creature Corner that totally got it - kind of a crap ending, but somehow it totally worked. Will tells him, Yeah, that reviewer is my wife.


In other news, Star Wars is totally taking over my life. Last night I played poker with the Wookiee formerly known as my friend Andy. Which reminds me, apparently there is some commercial on TV right now with Chewbacca recording dialogue and it sounds incredibly hilarious. If anyone can figure out a way for me to see this commercial I will totally kiss you on the mouth. Unless you are icky, in which case I will warmly shake your hand.