Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Now THAT is funny.

I thought it was funny the other day when I got worried because I'd missed part of the scroll on Return of the Jedi. This is WAY funnier.

There have been all kinds of weird noises in my building lately. Mostly things like doors banging, but with special echo sound effects. Just now I heard THE WEIRDEST NOISE EVER and kind of freaked out, thinking that someone had gotten into my apartment.




It turns out it was some sort of transporter. On my TV. Because I have had Star Wars on for the last two hours.


Of course, as soon as I'd slowed my heart rate and had a good laugh at myself, I heard a bang and then a big WHOOSH and freaked out all over again. It was the hall door and a vacuum cleaner. A big one, granted, out in the hallway, but STILL.

Maybe I should stop watching these movies on repeat like this.

EDIT: You know what ELSE is really funny? My Peter Cushing impression. It's brilliant! I SOUND NOTHING LIKE PETER CUSHING!