Friday, May 13, 2005

Brian Cox, you're so naughty!

I hope I am not spoiling anything for anybody, but Brian Cox? NEVER A GOOD GUY.

We watched The Bourne Supremecy last night, after multiple failed attempts earlier in the week (our damn friends keep having crises, the inconsiderate louts). It was engaging and action-y, which was all I wanted from it. Not surprisingly, though, it was not as enjoyable as the first movie. I think it's because Jason Bourne has three lines of dialogue in the entire movie. Will thinks it's because Franka Potente was with him through nearly the entire first movie, giving him someone to interact with and us someone to identify with. Oh, I also think it's because the first one had Giancarlo, the awesomest fisherman who ever fished.

Totally unrelated: clickity-click-click-click