Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Today I walked into Will's office to see if he wanted to have lunch with me, and he was on the phone with Trent (name not changed because I don't feel the need), the friend who optioned the Worst Book Ever™. What does my sweet wonderful husband do? He puts me on the phone with this guy, who wants to know what I thought of the book. To Will's credit, he had at least told Trent that I didn't like the book, which hopefully softened the blow a bit as I did not pull any punches. I may have even suggested, inadvertently, that Trent is dumb. I hope not. I did tell him that I was sure that ABC Family and/or Hallmark Channel would almost certainly be interested in making it into a movie. I just won't watch it.

Anyway, I think I managed to avoid hurting his feelings and tell the absolute truth. Plus, he said he owes me lunch, and I love lunch, so that's nice.