Monday, November 21, 2005

Dude, what happened to Sunday?

One minute it was Saturday night and the next minute, here I am. So confusing. I don't do drugs anymore! (Mom: I mean ever. I never ever did drugs.)

Oh, wait, I do remember seeing a Frank Lloyd Wright house and laughing ourselves silly because we both insisted on calling it an Andrew Lloyd Webber house. We took pictures. I'll post them sometime after I post the last five weeks' worth of belly shots. Which will be...hmm, before the child's third birthday, I promise.

In short:

Woke up just before Will left for weekly ride with Andy. Drank juice, checked internet, watched several episodes of Red vs Blue, drifted off just before Will returned home. Was extremely grumpy and head hurt, negotiated do-over, went back to bed. Slept hours and hours, woke up feeling much better. Went for drive along the boys' route from that morning, saw pretty house, got junk food, went home. Watched some Cowboy Bebop, went to bed early with book, fell asleep almost immediately.

So you see, I really did miss basically an entire day. I think I need another do-over, because it turns out that Will has to work, which means I am bored.