Saturday, November 19, 2005

Hi. I am a dork.

Yesterday two small but very exciting events took place, both of which may be career advancing.

What? Yes, of course I have a career. It's just...stalled.

First, I got an email from a friend who has tried several times to set me up with temporary PA (Production Assistant) work. This came on the heels of a bitterly disappointing phone call on Wednesday evening when she offered me a five day on-set gig on Nip/Tuck, starting immediately, which I couldn't take because of jury selection on Thursday. She may be able to set me up with work on a WB series (I don't have any idea which one), and wanted my resume. So I added my reading job to it and sent it off. Looking over the two little bits of paper that outline my experience, I thought, "I look good." And I do - I look experienced and smart and desireable. And there aren't even any lies!

Second, I got an email from a writer friend who wants to hire me to proofread a manuscript. I hate the idea of asking friends for money. But we came to an agreement that I am happy with and I'm very excited to do the job. Honored that my friend thinks highly enough of my skills.

If I could just get a part-time (or temporary) pre-production research job, I'd be the happiest duck in the pond.