Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pumpkin's on a joy ride...

(Pumpkin of course being Will, who is out on Vera riding tandem with Andy, whose scooter doesn't have a name I am aware of.)

Later I might make breakfast. Tonight we're going to see The Ministry Of Unknown Science take on God.

I spend much of my time making Christmas stuff, including knitted goods, lists, and other plans. I need to find the boxes of cards we didn't send last year.

All I want for Christmas is a new computer and a new place to live. (OK, I would also like a sweater.)

I am still reading Steinbeck's Arthur book. Last night I dreamed that I cheated on it with T.H. White.

Thanksgiving is soon! As it was last year, it is looking like we may have several more guests than originally anticipated. I checked Martha Stewart's website to see how much turkey I need per person (we already ordered the Willy Bird so if I don't have enough I'll be supplementing like last year) and her menu looks a lot like mine. Which I find so funny! Because I am not much of a Martha.

On the baby front, I have yet to find anyone (hang on for caveat) who does not expect me to get a sonogram and most likely find out the sex of the baby - except, of course, my parents and Steph and Pat, all of whom skipped those very tests. My grandmother was, however, thrilled that we are not finding out the sex. Then she tried to bribe me into naming any possible girl babies after her. Of course, her name is on the list (it's a very good name), but gee whiz. Also I was delighted last night at dinner with friends to get a very positive reaction to our choices in pregnancy and childbirth. That was unexpected.

In related news, I am thinking of starting a wishlist for the baby solely for the purpose of figuring out how much space it will all take up.